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ARPSCArlington Radio Public Service Club (Arlington, VA)
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Abbreviations LSS: Lanosterol synthase ARC: Age-related cataract LC-MS: Liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer ARCC: Age-related cortical cataract LECs: Lens epithelial cells ARNC: Age-related nuclear cataract ARPSC: Age-related posterior subcapsular cataract; SCR: Shumiya cataract rat LOCS II: Lens Opacities Classification System II UPLC: Ultra performance liquid chromatograph APCI: Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization source in position mode MRM: Multiple reaction monitoring ER: Endoplasmic reticulum.
Caption: Figure 1: Protein levels of LSS in the human LECs and the cortex with different opaque degree from age-related cortical cataract (ARCC), age-related nuclear cataract (ARNC), age-related posterior subcapsular cataract (ARPSC).
Lanosterol levels in LECs of with different opaque degree from ARCC, ARNC, and ARPSC (n = 15 for each subtype), respectively.