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ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
ARPUAverage Revenue Per Unit
ARPUAmerican Racing Pigeon Union (Oklahoma City)
ARPUAccelerated Revenue per User (telecommunications)
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Statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Sunday revealed that during 200910 the ARPU was Rs.
Cellular mobile operators can increase ARPU through additional data revenues by offering non-voice services like mobile broadband, mobile banking and other associated offers.
In the UK, ARPU for September was pounds 23 a month for the fifth month in a row, while on a yearly basis ARPU was pounds 281.
A measure of the effect of 3G customers on blended ARPU and non-voice ARPU;
In the US, data ARPU has increased approximately 65%.
ARPU levels in Argentina's wireless market will be stable from 2010 to 2014
MIRS (Only "Number of subscribers", "Subscriber growth", "Post-paid subscribers", "Post-paid subscriber growth", "Prepaid subscribers", "Prepaid subscriber growth", "Post-paid % of total subscribers", "Prepaid % of total subscribers", "Monthly ARPU", "ARPU growth", "Monthly voice ARPU", "Voice ARPU growth", "Share of total subscribers", "Share of service revenue", "YoY change in revenue share", "Service revenue", and "Service revenue growth" are available for this operator.
Vital market data projections until 2013 for overall service revenue, data revenues, service ARPU and data ARPU, along with subscriber growth by both prepaid and postpaid sectors is provided.