ARRESAutomatic Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation System
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Solving a year-old case becomes more difficult with each passing day, Arres said.
Wahiba Arres agee de 20 ans, est originaire de Menzel Bourguiba (gouvernorat de Bizerte) et poursuit ses etudes de langue anglaise .
62) Recordemos aquAaAaAeA- que Lolita fue liberada finalmente por el presiden norteamericano Jimmy Carter en septiembre de 1979 despuAaAaAeA[c]s de su arres en 1954.
But when he resisted arres and went on to threaten th officers, telling them he had a gun, armed officers were sent to the scene.
the the e of the k isa Women are particularly at ri The number of females arres for alcohol-related offences increased by a whopping 100 over the last five years.
CORONATION Street star Ryan Thomas has been arres ted on suspicion of assaulting ex-lover Tina O'Brien.
30pm Police arres murder, but is that Maria the truth.
2 & under: 1 Midge, Sam Coltherd; 2 Lucinda Crawford, Susie Q; 3 Jo Arres, Monksfield Odyssey; 13.
He did not co-operate with the order but was giv en another chance to see if he would comply, but on November 12 he was arres ted for dangerous and dis qualified driving.
50) "While a search warrant must necessarily rest upon previously obtained information, unannounced entry is excused only on the basis of exigent circumstances existing at the time an officer approaches a sit to make an arres or execute a warrant.
Mama, I really did try mi bes, but nondiless mi sarry fi tell yu seh poor likkle Jim get arres.