ARRMAIDS Risk Reduction Model
ARRMAssociation of Residential Resources in Minnesota (disabled services; South Saint Paul, MN)
ARRMAdvanced Rapid Robotic Manufacturing
ARRMArmy Range Requirements Model
ARRMAdvanced RTS Response Module
ARRMAustralian Record Retention Manual (Information Enterprises Australia Pty. Ltd.)
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Drawing from the ARRM model, the orientation session serves to heighten awareness of risk and to begin the cognitive preparedness required for risk reduction behavior change.
These objectives draw from both the ARRM and ecological models as they integrate knowledge building, risk identification and awareness, and strengthening of communication skills.
More cognitive preparation, education, and motivation from the ARRM is addressed, while the objectives expand to incorporate additional elements of the ecological perspective, specifically, relationship context, power imbalance, patterns of sexual behavior, communication about sexual comfort and desire, and traditional gender/sex roles.
Skills and strategy building consistent with the ARRM are addressed, while the various contextual factors of the ecological model highlighted in session two continue to be addressed.
Skills and strategy building consistent with the ARRM are addressed, while the various contextual factors of the ecological model highlighted in sessions two and three expand to include the couple's impact on their broader community of family and friends.
1990b) have proposed sets of variables that they believe relate to specific ARRM stages, and they have also identified several general factors (social norms and aversive emotional states) that are I relevant to all ARRM stages.
The authors examined variables (including new variables not included in the original theoretical formulation) that were correlated with each of the ARRM labelling, commitment and enactment stages, as well as the ability of early ARRM stages to predict later ARRM stages.
More recently, the ARRM has been investigated for its usefulness with populations of male heterosexual intravenous and non-intravenous drug users, HIV-positive heterosexual women, and incarcerated adolescents.
The purpose of the current investigation was to attempt a comprehensive evaluation of the predictive ability of the ARRM and to determine the extent to which proposed stage-specific predictor variables are related to ARRM stages.
Registration and further information for both ARRM and the International Wireless Sensor Network Forum can be found at the website: www.
Moreover, nor should it be replaced by the look-alike ADAPT, ARRM, and other similar programs currently being put forward by farm groups and farm state legislators, all of which have similar problems.
NASA's ARRM spacecraft will need to be able to demonstrate support of high power solar electric propulsion, with initial solar array power of approximately 50 kilowatts.