ARRMAIDS Risk Reduction Model
ARRMAssociation of Residential Resources in Minnesota (disabled services; South Saint Paul, MN)
ARRMAdvanced Rapid Robotic Manufacturing
ARRMArmy Range Requirements Model
ARRMAdvanced RTS Response Module
ARRMAustralian Record Retention Manual (Information Enterprises Australia Pty. Ltd.)
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The authors examined variables (including new variables not included in the original theoretical formulation) that were correlated with each of the ARRM labelling, commitment and enactment stages, as well as the ability of early ARRM stages to predict later ARRM stages.
More recently, the ARRM has been investigated for its usefulness with populations of male heterosexual intravenous and non-intravenous drug users, HIV-positive heterosexual women, and incarcerated adolescents.
The purpose of the current investigation was to attempt a comprehensive evaluation of the predictive ability of the ARRM and to determine the extent to which proposed stage-specific predictor variables are related to ARRM stages.
MEASURES DERIVED FROM FACE TO FACE INTERVIEWING WITH THE SERBAS-HOM ARRM Enactment Stage Indicator: Current Sexual Risk Behaviour Index and Previous Sexual Risk Behaviour Index (SRBI-7) The measure of the enactment stage was a composite risk index derived from a subset of sexual activity variables obtained with the SERBAS-HOM.
The self-report scales served to operationalize the predictors of the ARRM stages.
The weeklong events which include participation from ARRM member organizations statewide, showcase contributions people with disabilities make to their community as well as encourages understanding and acceptance of people with all abilities.
Working with direct support professionals, people with disabilities are able to live independent lives where they can be productive, contributing members of their communities," said Bruce Nelson, Executive Director of ARRM.
ARRM represents 130 service providers who employ 18,000 people to work directly with more than 36,000 people with disabilities in Minnesota.
ARRM members in the Twin Cities area held a kick-off event to clean up and rake up Lake Phalen Park in St.
ARRM is a non-profit association whose members provide services for people with disabilities.
ARRM CARES winners continually demonstrate ARRM's standards of professional integrity, are interdependent, and use and look for innovative and proactive approaches to helping and caring for the people they serve.
Founded in 1970, ARRM provides technical assistance, education, training and advocacy support to over 110 providers who serve more than 10,000 people and their family and friends across the state.