ARRMSAmerican Road Race Medical Society (Bethesda, MD)
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Roberts had envisioned that ARRMS would serve all medical professionals who work and/or volunteer at any size road race with a mission to educate the running industry, race organizers, and the public about medical issues that impact the sport of running and road racing.
With his support, the AMAA allowed our organization (then ARRMS) to grow and flourish under the AMAA banner.
As a primary benefit, ARRMS will be able to offer its members preferred pricing on USA Track & Field medical malpractice insurance.
We also met in Baltimore in June at the ACSM conference where ARRMS members led some exciting endurance and marathon "best practice" lectures.
Other discussions focused on the educational mission of ARRMS including a web-based learning initiative being developed by Chris Troyanos of the Boston Marathon.
ARRMS members will be sent the Chicago meeting summary, as well as information on upcoming meetings, via e-mail.
"The Clinic Advisory Board of over 200 sports medicine professionals offers a truly unique medical service to members of ARA, AMAA, and ARRMS," says AMAA President Charles Schulman, MD.
ARRMS members met on May 28th at the ACSM annual meeting in Seattle.
As medical director of the Houston Marathon and current president of the American Road Race Medical Society (ARRMS), Cianca has contributed significantly to educating runners and medical staff with regard to safely completing road races and other events.
In October, ARRMS held its elections of officers with Chicago Marathon Medical Director George Chiampas, MD, elected 1st Vice President; Boston Marathon Co-Medical Chair Pierre D'Hemecourt, MD, elected 2nd Vice President; and Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Medical Director Bill Roberts, MD, elected as Secretary/Treasurer.
The American Road Race Medical Society (ARRMS) is currently conducting elections of new officers for the next two years.
On January 12, Chevron Houston Marathon Medical Director John Cianca, MD, became the American Road Race Medical Society (ARRMS) President at its annual membership meeting in Houston, TX.