ARRRAgenzia Regione Recupero Risorse (Italian: Area Agency Resource Recovery)
ARRRAdjusted Relative Risk Reduction
ARRRAntwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr (chemical cluster)
ARRRAnnual Riyadh Radiology Review (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
ARRRAdjusted Relative Recurrence Rate (urinary stones; urology)
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And a review on Oooh Arrr's social media said: "It was pretty terrible!
Cause I was at school, I just wanted to arrr, to be, to be a kid, yeah.
"I can't walk/ I can't sit/ I can't deal with the shape I'm in/ I feel stiff/ I've got a case of the zombies," Arizona-based singer James Arrr complains.
Firstly there are the five words you cannot do without: "Ahoy!", "Avast!" (stop and give attention), "Aye!" (I agree most heartily), "Aye aye!" (I'll get right on with that) and "Arrr!" (yes/I agree/I'm happy/almost anything else you want to say in just two words because you can't be bothered tackling an entire sentence).
Here was a subject so close to the hearts of men today he couldn't fail to elicit a fey murmur of sympathy - 'Arrr, love 'im' - from lads as they sucked in their paunches, applied the Clinique and took one small bite from their Boots Shapers sandwich.
You too can own a jolly piece of "Pirate Jesus" apparel, available in a variety of styles, with the important "Arrr, Ye Saved?" logo.
Random Southern Governor: 'Arrr President has dun a guud jahb in Eye-rack!'
Cement Woman, who I strongly suspect of actually biting me, still finds it funny to shout, "Arrr, Jim Lad"Pieces of Eight..," as I hobble past.
One approach to recognizing these speculative rents is the at risk rent ratio (ARRR).(3) The formula for this ARRR is:
Telephony and data tenants represent 73% of annualized run rate revenue (ARRR), and 58.3% of the ARRR is from investment-grade tenants.
"The Pirate Who Couldn't Say Arrr!" is an interactive story written by a speech pathologist that teaches children how to "talk like a pirate." Red Legs Lamar seeks wise pirate counsel to learn how to say "Arrr!" because all good pirates do this.
''When we get together at Christmas it really is 'Arrr, bostin' ain't it!' My kids speak so American now and when they get together with all their aunts and uncles they have no idea what they're talking about!