ARSAMAdvanced Routing and Switching for Account Managers
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The largest benefit of institutional supervision of class actions is likely to be settlement terms that are more favorable to the plaintiff class, on average, than those now negotiated by essentially unsupervised plaintiffs' attorneys.(331) Arsam Co.
The court characterized the benefits to the class from this partial settlement as "enormous" and granted Arsam an incentive award of $200,000.(333) A year after the settlement, other defendants settled for an additional $6,235,000 and the court awarded Arsam a supplemental incentive award of $90 000.(334)
At the second settlement hearing, class counsel described Arsam's participation as lead plaintiff as follows:
Two KUL researchers, Mohammad Tauheed and Arsam Saleem, discussed through their study 'Evictions, dispossessions and urban sprawl in Karachi' the legal and illegal frameworks being used by the state to perform these operations, who they benefit and how they might be understood.
Germany has efficiently positioned itself with proactive regional funding bodies, a very pragmatic DFFF federal tax credit and offers strong studio facilities," says Arsam's Ilann Girard.
Upcoming co-productions include Bille August's "Good Bye Bafana" with Banana Films from Belgium, the U.K.'s Future Films, France's ARSAM, South Africa's Film Afrika and Fonema from Italy.