ARSATAmateur Radio Society at Tech (Texas Tech University; Lubbock, TX)
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Major telecom providers around the world, such as ARSAT, are selecting our JUPITER System to close the digital divide, said Hugo Frega, senior director for Hughes.
These new ARSAT satellites will complement the services already offered by ARSAT-1 and soon ARSAT-2.
Following the signature of this contract, ARSAT Chairman and CEO Matias Bianchi said: "Today, we have once again chosen the world's most reliable launch service provider, Arianespace, to orbit our upcoming satellite, thereby strengthening Argentina's dual role as constructor and operator.
Stephane IsraE1/2l, Chairman and CEO of Arianespace, added: "I would like to thank ARSAT for entrusting Arianespace with the launch of its future satellites.
ARSAT 2 will be used for television services, particular types of Internet access and data transmission.
The rocket successfully launched a pair of communications satellites, the ARSAT -2 satellite for Argentine operator ARSAT and the Muster Sky satellite for Australian operator NBN.
The networks, announced by the government in 2010, are being deployed by ARSAT.
Alcatel-Lucent's Agile Optical Networking technology - on which the deployment with ARSAT is based includes 40G and 100G Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology on its 1830 Photonic Service Switch (1830 PSS) platform as well as the 1350 Optical Management System.
ARSAT, with headquarters in Buenos Aires, acting as Main Contractor and leading the GEO communication satellite development in Argentina, is using a similar industrial organization with INVAP, the Rio Negro Province high-tech powerhouse located in San Carlos de Bariloche, acting as Prime Constructor, teaming with Thales Alenia Space in continuity of the successful partnership already took in place on ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2 both operational in orbit.
We are delighted with this great opportunity to deepen the strategic relation with both Argentina s Satellite manufacturer ARSAT, and INVAP to continue the close industrial cooperation initiated on ARSAT-1.