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Twenty-five years ago, a hundred thousand people came to the event "Arsch huh, ZAaAaAeAeAaAaAeA~ng ussenander" in Cologne.
Versao original em dialeto da cidade de Colonia: Mer han da Kolsche Klungel un Arsch huh--su heiss' et he!/Alaaf op Ruusemondaach un Aloah CSD/ Mer sin multikulinarisch mer sin multikulturell / Mer sin in jeder Hinsicht aktuell--auch sexuell!
(36) "'prudes kleines Fotzchen und deinen burgerlichen Arsch'"
Bloom claims that the ubiquitous presence of music in the lives and minds of students did at least give him the opportunity during his career to "frequently introduce them to Mozart," in order to see "whether and in what ways their studies are complemented by such music." Of course, to use Mozart to promote the "deeper understanding of the meaning of nobility" would seem to be complicated by some of Mozart's more, shall we say, Matheresque canons, such as K.231, "Leck mich im Arsch," and K.233, "Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schun sauber," to name a few.
But even then, Ruhmkorf went a step beyond Benn's crass physical images -- referring in Ruhmkorf's case to the abysmal postwar years -- in that his range of vocabulary has always included vulgarisms: thus, from Benn's "Hirn und Hode" to Ruhmkorf's "Schlafe und Hosenstall," "Zoten und Zeichen." I suspect Benn would have shied away from an amusing spot-on formulation such as "des Mondes goldener Arsch."