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ARSHAdolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health
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Most of the respondents confessed that it is for the first time that they have heard about ARSH.
When Arsh arrived here, there was no one to receive him at the airport.
Next to squiggles and doodles Arsh, 31, has jotted down his personal tasting notes, grading three of the first four of these top-class whiskies "crap".
Company subsidiary Perambra Sky International has also diversified into selling paints and home decoration accessories at the Arsh Paints outlet in Perambra, Kerala, Sky International managing director Ashraf Mayancheri said yesterday.
ARSH ON BLACKPOOL: Arshavin fires home Arsenal's contentious penalty which had the visitors fuming I'M FLYING NOW Theo Walcott forgets his England woes with a hat-trick v Blackpool
For example, the following verse portrays wondrous celestial order created by Almighty Allah: "Allah it is Who raised the heavens without pillar as you see, then He established (Himself) supreme upon the Arsh (the Divine Throne), and pressed into service the sun and the moon; each one runs according to a set time.
But experts at Brandon arsh Nature Centre quickly eassured worried families it was just a harmless grass nake.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-23 June 2010-CARE rates Arsh Dairymax bank facilities at BB-/PR4(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
He lives in Riffa with his wife Fouzia, a photographer, and their two sons, Sami, seven, and Arsh, five.
Rental growth in Singapore was led by strong demand from the banking and services sectors, coupled with very limited supply of quality office space," explained Arsh Chaudhry, executive managing director of Cushman & Wakefield in Southeast Asia.
With: Kavi Raz, Archana Puran Singh, Mehrunissa Hassan, Arsh Singh, Ari Barak, Sonny Mandal, Joseph Whipp, Bradford English, Ellen Geer, Angela Little, Anita Rohila, Rajeev Chibber.