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ARSINArea Sine (trigonometry)
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The man responsible for shooting, processing, editing and presenting this film was Winnipeg filmmaker and freelance cameraman Jean Arsin. This article will provide information on Arsin, examine his Winnipeg strike footage, and discuss the fate of his film.
All measurements were log-transformed, except for proportions to which the arsin (angular) transformation (Steel & Torrie 1980) was applied.
Note how the "strong" rhythmic accents in one are rendered as "weak" accents in the other, which again disconcerts an overarching hierarchy of rhythmic accents (this time by virtue of the harmonic flow)-a harmonic Canon per Arsin et Thesin?
He also mentions canon in contrary motion (`per arsin & thesin'), quoting an untitled and textiles example by Byrd.
More than six hundred camels have also been swept away by floods in Arsin village, Samburu North.
This droll little canon 'per arsin et thesin' is not so much a piece of self-advertisement by an ambitious young composer as one of Vinaccesi's many jeux d'esprit.
The bodies of three people, two women and a baby who were swept by floods at Arsin village in Samburu North on Tuesday, are still missing.
TRABZON (CyHAN)- At least two people were killed as a result of mudflows on Monday night in the Yomra and Arsin regions of Turkey's Trabzon province on Tuesday.
In 1998, the printing facility of the Sabah daily in the Arsin district of the Black Sea province of Trabzon was shot up after Selahattin Duman, who was a columnist for the daily at the time, included a Black Sea joke that contained indecent content in his column.