ARSOFArmy Special Operations Forces
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ARSOF elements consistently fill more than 60 percent of all U.S.
All interviews with the author are available at ARSOF Archives.
(9) USASOC, Current Operations, Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) Worldwide by Command (F'ort Bragg, NC: USASOC, December 7, 2016).
The Rangers must remain the subject matter experts on the Infantry doctrinal tasks of Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 3-21.8 (formerly FM 7-8, Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad) to meet ARSOF 2022 /ARSOF Next requirements while keeping abreast of best practices in an ever-changing geopolitical environment.
The UW environment replicated during training rotations at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk, Fouisiana, has allowed ARSOF units to test and validate UW sustainment, which is known as nonstandard logistics (NSF).
ARSOF battalions routinely deploy multiple teams to various countries to conduct specialized missions on separate schedules.
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Under ARSOF's modular force structure, each active Special Forces battalion has a battalion service company and each Special Forces group has its own GSB.
The program also had to incorporate additional NBC tasks that, in my judgment, were especially suited to the ARSOF community.
ARSOF Soldiers are deployed to more than 70 countries on any given day of the year.
Army Special Operations Command is focusing its efforts on meeting the future national security objectives and has published Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) 2022, which outlines the ARSOF vision and priorities.
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