ARSSAntiquariorum Regiae Societatis Socius (Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries)
ARSSActes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales (French: Research Proceedings in Social Science; European Center for Sociology; France)
ARSSAll Religions Servant Society (India)
ARSSAutonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System (US DoD)
ARSSAdams River Salmon Society (Canada)
ARSSAnalysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph
ARSSAdelaide River Show Society (Australia)
ARSSAmateur Radio Spread Spectrum
ARSSAudio Really Simple Syndication
ARSSApplicant Reveiw & Selection Summary (human resources)
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These variables contain the following: the number of bidders (NOB), best bid before auction (BBA), number of changes of bids during comparison round (CHA), and the amount of achieved relative savings (ARSs).
Modeling and numerical simulation are widely used to predict the behavior and efficiency of ARSs as a single component (Rabah, 2010; Somers et al., 2011; Ochoa, Dutra, Henriquez, & Santos, 2016), as well as in cogeneration systems (Moya et al., 2011; Ochoa, Dutra, Henriquez, & Rohatgi, 2014) and solar energy systems (Edem, Le Pierres, & Luo, 2012; Ozgoren, Bilgili, & Babayigit, 2012).
Five presumed ARSs containing one or two oriCs and their adjacent cdc6 gene were amplified (Table 3(b)).
The ARSS model used to analyze the sex-specific growth curves revealed significant differences between the sexes (P=0.016) and years (P=0.004).
El primer de ellos es el grupo de la EHESS ligado a Bourdieu: ya en 1999, Schiffrin participa con un articulo sobre la logica de la ganancia en las editoriales universitarias estadunidenses, en un dossier tematico en la ARSS. Diez anos despues, figuro en el volumen colectivo sobre globalizacion editorial organizado por Gisele Sapiro.
To compare growth curves between regions, an analysis of the residual sum of squares (ARSS) was performed (Chen and others 1992).
The Gompertz model best described the growth of the jumbo squid, and no significant differences were detected between sexes (ARSS, F = 0.73, P = 0.54).
This equation was fitted for males and females separately, and an analysis of the residual sum of squares (ARSS) was used to compare VBGM's by sex (Ratkowsky 1983; Chen et al.
Too much effort is required by students when using ARSs. Using ARS for tests may not be popular with students.
Telephonics provides its X-band solid-state Advanced Radar Surveillance System (ARSS) - a 10kg compact and lightweight solution--while the Elta EL/M-2112 lightweight radar has been acquired by US Customs and Border Protection agency and US Army (see box).