ARSTAzienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti (Italian: Regional Transport of Sardinia)
ARSTSalvage Craft Tender
ARSTArgentina Summer Time (time zone)
ARSTAssociation for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology
ARSTAerial Reconnaissance & Security Troop
ARSTAerial Reconnaissance Support Team
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The ARST was the best predictor of CAS scores in the present study.
Ordered drivers are the hardware foundation for the construction of systems and ARST ARST / ARNE according to the project: OGM-412/15, OGM-556/15, OGM-263/15, OGM-250/15, OGM-329/15 under carried out by the Institute of Energy O / Gdansk work.
Contractor name : OSAE[pounds sterling]HING SINU ARST