ART1Adaptive Resonance Theory, Version 1
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The STOP1 protein is homolog to ART1 protein in rice, which regulates the expresssion of downstream genes such as the gene controling organic anion secretion (Yamaji et al., 2009; Yokosho et al., 2011).
In this paper, ART1 is used to propose a real time fault diagnosis algorithm for learning new status of other faults keeping the preserved learning faults by using the stability and plasticity characteristics.
The data has generated using [micro]1 = [3, 1], [micro]2 = [0, 3], [micro]3 = [1.5, 2.5] and [lambda]1 = [0.3, 0.5], [lambda]2 = [0.7, 0.4], [lambda]3 = [0.4, 0.6], The Figure 1(a) depicts the distribution of data into ART1 and figure 1(b) shows the clustering of same data using CSS method.
TABLE 1: Results obtained by the algorithms for 20 different runs on Art1 data.
Type I adaptive resonance theory network (ART1) deals with binary numerical data, whereas type II adaptive resonance theory network (ART2) deals with general numerical data.
For instance, Article 21 of the Regulations could have expressly stated that a solidarity contribution is only payable in accordance with the provisions of Art1.1.
(2006) Fractional cell formation in group technology using modified ART1 neural networks, Int J Adv Manuf Technol DOI 10.1007/s00170004-2421-z
Juridical security of person is guaranteed by all the means of achieving the rule of law and how the rule of law is normative in increasingly more constitutional systems including the Romanian (art1. para.
ARTMAP networks consist of two ART1 networks, ARTa and ARTb, bridged via an inter-ART module, as shown on Fig 1.