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ARTAAnti-Red Tape Act (Philiipines)
ARTAAssociation of Retail Travel Agents
ARTAAmerican River Touring Association
ARTAApple Real Time Architecture
ARTAAmerican Reusable Textile Association
ARTAAlberta Retired Teachers Association (Canada)
ARTAAlberta Retired Teachers' Association
ARTAAchaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology
ARTAAdvanced Radiator Test Article
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He added that the agency has met with the ARTA Board last week on the issue and has 'briefed them on what the agency has been doing to address them.'
If the evidence is substantial, the complainant can proceed with a formal charge, after which the accused will be asked by the Arta to defend himself or herself.
Meanwhile, ARTA also commended Domagoso's reforms and the ongoing clean up operations in Manila.
Belgica said that they have added a few things in the IRR, such as ARTA's power to recommend to either the Office of the Ombudsman or the Civil Service Commission an accused official's preventive suspension.
Newly-appointed ARTA Chief Belgica said, "There is a chance to change things if you stand by what is right.
In a bid to become the first "paperless" government agency, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) signed a memorandum of understanding with ARTA to intensify the implementation of RA 11032, which seeks to automate government systems and avoid delays in issuance of permits.
No formal order has been issued yet, but according to Arta Director General Jeremiah Belgica, this is 'the direction we're seeing right now.'
According to the source, the Arta is currently operating with only 56 personnel, far from the 208 plantilla positions allocated by the DBM for the agency.
In a summary of findings and recommendations by the ARTA on the LTFRB's processing of TNVS applications, the anti-red tape body recommended the validity of a PA to be extended further to one year or have no expiration at all subject to the good standing of the holder of the PA as a public transport operator.
ARTA also asked LTFRB to explain its alleged failure to act on applications for the issuance and renewal of PAs within the stamped processing time and the imposition of undue regulatory burden and cost.
When her lawmaker term is verified, the Alliance for Albanians will have three lawmakers--Ziadin Sela, Surija Rashidi and Arta Toci.