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ARTEMISAdvanced Responsive Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer
ARTEMISAdvanced Relay Technology Mission
ARTEMISAssessment and Reliability of Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems (EU environmental project)
ARTEMISAdvanced Research Testbed for Medical Informatics
ARTEMISAdvanced Retrieval, Tire, Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Information System (NHTSA)
ARTEMISAdvanced Research on Test and Evaluation of Mixed-Signal ICs and Systems
ARTEMISAdvanced Real-Time Electro-Mechanical Transient Simulator (software; Opal-RT Technologies Inc.)
ARTEMISAdvanced Radio-Frequency Test and Evaluation Measurements and Interpretation System
ARTEMISAutomated Reporting, Tracking, and Evaluation Management Information
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Apprehensions regarding cuts, surgeries and scars are no more involved in the treatment of obesity", said Dr Kapil Jamwal, Head Gastroenterology Unit, Artemis Centre of Excellence for Digestive and Liver Diseases.
"I have a daughter who is 11 years old, and I want her to be able to see herself in the same role as the next women [who] go to the Moon see themselves in today," Bridenstine ( told reporters earlier this year after announcing the details of the Artemis program.
Artemis plans to undertake further exploration at both its Armada prospect and the new South Telfer Project in the coming months.
The ARTEMIS study builds on the results of the landmark PALISADE trial, which met its primary endpoint of patients tolerating 600 mg of peanut protein at 12 months.
Artemis offers a unique Holistic Membrane Extraction[TM] technology which produces high-anthocyanin extracts with greater bioavailability
Olly Forrer joined Artemis in 2018 and works across the full spectrum of firm activities including deal generation, due diligence, transaction support, portfolio company support and limited partner engagement.
The product uses the company's proprietary ARTEMIS T-cell receptor platform engineered with a proprietary human TCR-mimic antibody to target an AFP-peptide/HLA-A2 complex on hepatocellular carcinoma cancer cells.
Artemis Capital Partners invests exclusively in differentiated industrial technology companies operating in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial automation, scientific and research, and medical sectors.
Earlier this year, a consortium comprising Danfoss and Artemis secured [pounds sterling]11 million from the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK to help develop digital displacement technology, alongside Bathgate-based firm Robbie Fluid Engineering.
Several projects are now in the Artemis Craig hopper, including a new poetry book, "Southern Fried Comfort Food: Recipes to Encourage the Soul" and her first novel, "A Little Taste of Death" (a sci-fi murder mystery).