ARTEPArmy Training and Evaluation Program
ARTEPAsian Regional Team for Employment Promotion (UN International Labour Organization)
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ARTEP 3-477-10-MTP, Mission Training Plan for the Biological
Although this seems contradictory, the -30 (as ARTEP 19-313-30-MTP is known) is a list of all of the MP collective tasks associated with our designed capability.
Task Task Reference Number 19-3-0015 Conduct EPW/CI Collection ARTEP 19-17-10-MTP 19-3-C005 Conduct Collection/Release ARTEP 19-17-10-MTP of Captured Documents and Equipment
Soldier skill manuals and ARTEP manuals are good tools for the basic psychomotor level training required to establish a foundation, but we must get beyond the psychomotor domain in order to achieve adaptability.
There were seven or eight tasks from the ARTEP manual that were trained during the element AT including: maintain the current situation, plan chemical unit employment, process CBRN reports, and prepare contamination predictions.
Because units arc graded on this standard, many scenarios are essentially committed to memory and the ARTEP becomes a collective battle drill in many cases.
Moznosti aplikacie Reverse Engineering, In: ARTEP 2008, Kosice: TU, 2008.
The current ARTEP MTPs that are located on the Reimer Digital Library (RDL) are scheduled to be removed from the RDL in February 2007.
ARTEP 1-126, Attack Recon Helicopter Battalion (March 2006)
There was no ARTEP (Army Training and Evaluation Program) to turn to for guidance in dealing with upset village elders or targeting insurgent leaders in the area of operations.
Most of our lanes have been some version of "React to Chemical Attack," taken from various ARTEP manuals.
ARTEP 5-063-10-MTP, Mission Training Plan for the Mobility Platoon, Engineer Company, Brigade Combat Team