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ARTEXArtillery Exercise
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Jeffery Geraci, Director of Aviation Sales, states, The innovative ARTEX ELT 4000 offers overwhelming advantages for business and transport level aircraft, with both fixed and rotor wing designs.
Paul Eaton, Business Development Director of Artex, said: ''It has been a great experience to work alongside Cedric and Solidum for this innovative transaction which makes best use of Guernsey's strengths and demonstrates the range of services that Artex is able to offer our clients".
marketing manager, said, 'Designing a diesel generator that meets the dynamic needs of high end market and is fuel efficient has been our greatest challenge at China Artex Group.
The E-04 and new E-04C Commercial model (for jets and transport aircraft) accept Arinc 429, Garmin Aviation, BendixKing Aviation and NMEA 0183 data outputs for position feed, while the control head fits Artex and Kannad remote control switch panel cutouts, and can use the Ameri-King remote control.
Cover the Artex with PVA and when this goes tacky, coat the Artex with Carlite Bonding undercoat.
D'Abreo said the idea for Artex came to him on the sidelines of the 'We Care' Film Festival in which he was a volunteer.
Just when it looked like Iraqi filly Labwah under Ingrid Grard would be the winner, Caroline Brunaud pressed the button and Artex did well to take over and win by a length.
Over half can't stand floral carpets and three out of 10 hate Artex ceilings.
Real Earth Estates also has a ` 5 crore loan from DLF Ltd while the others are as usual from sister companies -- Blue Breeze Trading, Artex and Sky Light Hospitality.
04 Italian designer Paolo Piva brings his adoration of clean lines to the Artex kitchen by Varenna for Poliform.
He said that the living zone concept is created by Italian architects Mr Attilio Lapietra and Mrs Tiziana Burrini from ARTEX, the Centre for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany.
Jones, Swansea ZENA SAYS: It would look awful if you papered over Artex as all the bumpy bits would show through.