ARTFAfghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (World Bank)
ARTFAnti Racism Task Force (various organizations)
ARTFAlmost Ready To Fly (RC planes & helicopters)
ARTFAuto Recovery Task Force (Cleveland, OH)
ARTFAward Rationalisation Taskforce
ARTFAgricultural Reentry Task Force (EPA)
ARTFAlkaline Removable Temporary Finish (British Harriers)
ARTFAircraft Recovery Task Force
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Monsieur Robert Jean Raphael MASSAMBA-DEBAT, Director General ARTF said, "Interoperability is not an end in itself; rather it is a means to achieve equitable access to financial services.
To date, with the support of the World Bank and ARTF, the government has been able to rehabilitate or built more than 10,500 km of secondary and tertiary road networks across the country, which have also created over 16 million labor days' opportunities for Afghans.
Through the ARTF, the United States supports an Afghan government program that promotes local decision making on development--the "National Solidarity Program" (NSP).
This funding from ARTF will be critical to get more girls and boys into school and also increase the size of the available pool of qualified and readily employable junior management level personnel in various disciplines by1,500 every year.
The evaluation found the ARTF had played a vital role in supporting the Afghan government to bring development to people and strengthen its management of public finances.
The $628 million project will be financed by the IDA grant, $128 million government co-financing, and a $400 million grant from donors through ARTF.
The ARTF provides grant support to Afghanistan based on a 3-year rolling financing strategy.
The ARTF was established in 2002 to respond to the need for a dependable and predictable mechanism to support the Government of Afghanistans budget.
Project Development Objective: This proposed project to be funded by the Management Committee of ARTF (Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund) will implement the Non-formal Approach to Training, Education and Jobs in Afghanistan (NATEJA) project for a total amount of US$ 15 million to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIROA).
ARTF is a coordinated financing mechanism for the state budget and its priority national investment projects focusing on agriculture, rural development, infrastructure, education, health and governance.
The World Bank administrated ARTF has proven to be an effective multi-donor, on-system and budget mechanism to support the GoA.
Livelihoods (INCLE) 100 70 C-N--Eradication, Interdiction (INCLE) 178 14 IMET 1 ARTF (Incl.