ARTFLAmerican and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (University of Chicago)
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ARTFL French Literature collection from the Unviersity of Chicago
Although the French faculty and students predominantly rated electronic books as "not at all important" or "not important" (2 on the Likert scale), nonetheless this group has been using the ARTFL database.
Absolute and relative frequencies of nation, all forms of nation nation*) in the ARTFL database.
Jean Nicot Le Thresor de la langue francoyse (1606), base de donnees ARTFL.
Accessed through the ARTFL Project, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago.
1832-35), which gives "Activite, force, energie" (see this and earlier dictionary entries on ARTFL, http://colet.
For those interested in French language resources in particular, a useful site is that of the ARTFL Project (http: //humanities.
His searches in ARTFL to show the historical meaning of key words such as "esclave," "traite," or "retour" are a model of scholarly linguistic research.
Je remercie la BNF et ARTFL pour leur permission d'employer les figures qu'on trouvera a la fin de cet article.
The few exceptions include many of the texts which were compiled for the Tresor de la Langue Frangaise at Nancy, which are now available from ARTFL (American Research on the Treasury of the French Language) in Chicago.
The ARTFL Project and the Projet d'informatisation du Dictionnaire de l'Academie francaise, University of Chicago.
Dictionnaire de l'Academie francaise, ARTFL Project: Dictionnaire de l'Academie francaise, 6th Edition, 1835, University of Chicago, 14 Aug.