ARTLArkansas Right to Life
ARTLAutomated Registration of Title to Land (Scotland; UK)
ARTLAda Run Time Library
ARTLAwaiting Results of Trial
ARTLAnimal Research Takes Lives (Bette Overell book)
ARTLAntigen-Reactive T Lymphocytes (molecular biology)
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See also ARTL on abortion regulations, exceptions, burning buildings, and half a loaf.
Working in a relatively small state, ARTL has become expert at using free or low-cost communication, such as radio, the Internet, and the yellow pages.
An ARTL state chapter, Colorado Right To Life, has protested Komen's Race for the Cure for a decade, and met with Komen officials in Denver.
According to Mother Jones magazine, ARTL "hit a nerve" with its Sarah Palin profile for within "24 hours after the group posted the report, Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, scrubbed its website.
Many people wrongly assume that they could trust CWA to endorse pro-life candidates," said Darrell Birkey, ARTL research director.
ARTL commits to removing the DNC Sheets Of Shame and leaving the area cleaner than it had been.
Aristotle's trading symbol is ARTL and its shares are traded on The Nasdaq Small Cap Market.