ARTNArmenian-Russian Television Network
ARTNAlaska Rural Telehealth Network (Anchorage, AK)
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The research provided a basis of ArtN could be explored as a low-dose alternative of artocarpin in anticancer treatment and research applications.
The remaining solution is artocarpin nanoparticle solution (ArtN) and then stored in a refrigerator until being used for the following experiments.
A total of 214 HIV-infected pregnant women were included in this study; at the time of pregnancy diagnosis 36 were ART-experienced (ARTexp) and 178 ARV-naive (ARTn).
The company under the agreement will provide transport for imaging and tele-radiology, videoconferencing, Internet, voice over Internet and other services to ARTN's members, permitting member hospitals and clinics to connect patients to healthcare providers, even when a doctor or specialist is not available on site.
The ARTN was created and implemented using a distributed backbone with switches at Northern Arizona University and at two University of Arizona sites.
Other genes associated with osteoblastic and chondrocytic activities were also up-regulated including ARTN, NMB, SDC1, and CST2.
En raison de la difference entre les attentes des Inuits qui recoltent les ressources a l' egard de l' Accord sur les revendications territoriales du Nunavut (ARTN) et les realites vecues dans les collectivites, la gestion des ressources oceaniques est devenue un enjeu de plus en plus important dans le Nord.
When the state legislature funded the Arizona Rural Telecommunications Network (ARTN) in 1996, its goals for the Arizona Telemedicine Program were to: