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ARTOAssociation of Resuscitation Training Officers
ARTOAssistant Regional Transport Officer (India)
ARTOAdulta Radio and Television Institute (Helsinki, Finland)
ARTOAdvanced Radiation Technology Office
ARTOAdaptable Real-Time Object
ARTOAnnual Report Transmitting Operation
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Arto Nummela announced the launch of HMD Global's first three Nokia-branded Android smartphones at MWC in February.
Kiel Arto Designs sells to individuals as well as designers.
Because when you have Arto with you on a trip it gets stressful.
Perhaps typically of Star & Shadow, I had been invited by one member to visit the site and meet two other members - but was then met by two different people, Arto and Dawn Felicia Knox.
Yogurt, made from the combination of milk and bacteria, is the namesake of Arto Der Haroutunian's cookbook covering, in rich detail, the myriad recipes and food traditions using this acidic, creamy staple food.
Children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were more likely to be hyperactive at age 8 years than were children whose mothers didn't smoke, said Arto J.
Lastly, Arto Luukanen, in a fascinating essay on negotiations between the Evangelical Church of Finland and the Russian Orthodox Church in the era of Khrushchev demonstrates the Soviet negotiators' success in leading their Finnish counterparts to their notions of peaceful coexistence and hence the peace camp.
The Finn, who won the Formula One world title in 98 and 99, competes in the Arctic Lapland Rally, which starts in his home country on Friday, and has just finished a three-day test in the Mitsubishi Lancer WRC with co-driver Arto Kapanen.
An OK juvenile drama, Finnish writer-helmer Arto Lehkamo's third feature "Young Love" did well in home-turf theatrical release last summer but seems unlikely to make similar headway internationally.
In this issue of Take One, the last of the 20th century, Jack Blum and Sharon Corder, writers/producers on Traders and Power Play, write about waydowntown by Gary Burns, which won the Best Canadian Feature at both the Toronto and Vancouver festivals; Isa Tousignant writes on Robert Lepage's first English-language film--and the first not based on his own material--Possible Worlds; while Maurie Alioff talks interviews Arto Paragamian about Two Thousand and None and Cynthia Amsden interviews Denis Villeneuve about that fish in Maelstrom.
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