ARTPAmarna Royal Tombs Project
ARTPAgricultural Research and Training Project (Uganda)
ARTPAssociation of Rail Training Providers (London, England, UK)
ARTPAfrican Rice Testing Program
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The resources at the ARTP support these affiliates with access to research facilities and equipment necessary to design, test, and optimize emerging technologies prior to scale-up and product launch.
Curious to understand lesbian love and Albertine, Proust's Narrator invites two laundresses to a bordello to make love for him (artp 4: 130-31).
(10) Drawing on, but also re-writing, a trope that was routinely used of the inhabitants of the harem, the narrator, on more than one occasion, describes Albertine as a caged bird but, in Proust's version, this is a bird whose plumage has faded as a result of being imprisoned: 'Une fois captif chez moi l'oiseau [...] avait perdu toutes ses couleurs' (La Prisonniere, ARTP, III, 678).
(5.) The evolution of the 103d Military Intelligence Battalion training strategy was a result of a need for clearly defined ACT responsibilities coupled with information found in ARTP -34-113-11, Military Intelligence Combat Assessment Tables, FM 34-3, (Draft) Intelligence Analysis, January 2000, and FM 34-130, (Draft) Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, December 1999.
This study was supported in part by grants from the Association de Recherche contre le Cancer (ARC 1367) and from the Association de Recherche sur les Tumeurs de la Prostate (ARTP).
The telecoms regulator of Senegal, Autorite de Regulation des Telecoms et des Postes (ARTP), has published its market development report for the three months ended 30 June 2015, stating that the total number of active mobile users in the country exceeded 14.819 million at that date, up 0.82% (119,817) quarter-on-quarter, and 462,998 higher than the 14.356 million at end-June 2014.
From his discovery of the atom radical transfer polymerization (ARTP), an innovative process of the way macromolecules are made, to educating students and industrial scientists on the new procedures for the polymeric material development.
As Phil Stafford, manager of the Arkansas Research & Technology Park, (ARTP) can attest--product development doesn't occur in a vacuum.
The latest figures for fixed line broadband, published in research conducted by the ARTP (Post and telecommunications Regulatory Agency) in 2009 are as follows:
In an ARTP system, a linear increase in polymer molecular weight with conversion and a narrow molecular weight distribution give evidence to the livingness of the polymerization system.