ARTPAmarna Royal Tombs Project
ARTPAgricultural Research and Training Project (Uganda)
ARTPAssociation of Rail Training Providers (London, England, UK)
ARTPAfrican Rice Testing Program
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Notably, the ARTP has contributed nearly $523 million to the state economy since construction on the park began in 2003, according to the Center for Business and Economic Research at the U of A.
il ne pouvait rien se passer' (Du cote de chez Swann, ARTP, I, 310).
de Guermantes rappelait celui que j'avais eu pour Albertine' (Le Temps retrouve, ARTP, IV, 593, my italics).
17) The veils worn by Proust's female characters, though described as 'grand' (La Prisonniere, ARTP, III, 568), are not as ample as those of the concubines of the harems.
During the earliest stage, interaction with the ARTP occurs when the new company is in a virtual stage of development.
The GENESIS Technology Incubator, located in the ARTP, plays an important role as the entry point for tech start-up companies in the Park.
In June 2014, Abou Lo, former director general of ARTP, said that the country was on course to launch MNP by October.
The former ARTP official said he had signed an edict on MNP guidelines in Senegal, including the process of selecting the firm to manage the running of the single platform for it.
When the Enterprise Center opens in early 2010, the ARTP will consist of 285,000 SF, including the GENESIS Technology Incubator, the Innovation Center, the Engineering Research Center (ERC), the High Density Electronic Center (HiDEC) and the National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission (NCREPT) and the new building.
Moreover, the UATDF offers essential support services to companies located in the ARTP that entitles them to use University libraries and dining services, fitness center, invitations to scientific, humanities, artistic and cultural lectures, seminars, University workshops, access to students, faculty, facilities and equipment, opportunities to serve as guest lecturers and adjunct professors, and access to University classes at a discount.
ARTP Developers One is a partnership between IDEA Partnerships, based in Philadelphia and Great Falls, Va.
ARTP CEO Abu Lo announced in June this year that the country had decided to approve proposals laid out by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) adopted in 2007 that require local cellcos to identify who is using their wireless services in order to provide more dependable statistics on the market, boost security and tackle the grey market for phones.