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The burning wind spoken of in the sacred writings, I take to be that which the natives term arur, and the Arabs uri, which blowing in the spring, brings with it so excessive a heat, that the whole country seems a burning oven; so that there is no travelling here in this dreadful season, nor is this the only danger to which the unhappy passenger is exposed in these uncomfortable regions.
When I asked them for a physical evidence of an ulung agung ceremony they could only remember the place, which I mentioned earlier, as Arur Pog Merit in the headwater of the Matang River, where Belawan Igur performed the ceremony.
But Arur is another red line, meaning that the FSA and the hard-core opposition should not be supported either.
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La anexina V es una proteina recombinante que se une especificamente a residuos de fosfatidilserina, los cuales se encuentran expuestos en la cara externa de la membrana plasmatica, y es un biomarcador efectivo en celulas apoptoticas (Bratton et al., 1997; Arur et al., 2003; Pozarowski et al., 2003; Vermes et al., 1995; Elmore, 2007).
The water from the salt spring located at Arur Lapulid, right in the middle of a rice field, near the village of Long Api, has never been processed into salt crystals.
The majority of the Pa' Tik Kelabit are now settled at Arur Dalan, Bario.
[TABLE 1 OMITTED] Table 2 Names of lokasi and desa in the Bawan Valley Lokasi Desa Long Midang Ba' Sikur Pa' Nado Liang Tuer Buduk Kinangan Pa' Rupai Buduk Tumuh Buduk Tumuh Long Berayang Long Api Long Api Pa' Sira' Wa' Yanud Long Nawang Pa' Kelipal Arur Lingat
These are Arur Dalan, Arur Layun, Ulung Palang Dita' (Upper Ulung Palang, recently renamed Bued Mein "A"), Ulung Palang Benah, (Lower Ulung Palang or Bued Mein Baru "B"), Pa' Ramapoh Dita (Upper Pa' Ramapoh), Pa' Ramapoh Benah (Lower Pa' Ramapoh).