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ARVApproximate Retail Value
ARVAdvanced Re-Entry Vehicle (aeronautics)
ARVAfter Repair Value (real estate)
ARVArmed Robotic Vehicle
ARVArmed Response Vehicle
ARVArmored Recovery Vehicle
ARVAIDS-Related Virus
ARVAfter Repaired Value
ARVAmerican Rottweiler Verein (German: American Rottweiler Club; est. 1989)
ARVAverage Retail Value
ARVAir Release Valve
ARVAssociative Remote Viewing
ARVArkansas River Valley
ARVAmerican Revised Version
ARVAlien Reproduction Vehicle
ARVAircraft Repair Ship
ARVAfrican Rift Valley (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO)
ARVAmateur Radio Victoria (Australia)
ARVAccommodation and Repair Vessel (offshore operations in the oil and gas industry)
ARVAerial Reconnaissance Vehicle
ARVArray Response Vector
ARVAménagements Routiers Varois (French construction company)
ARVAeration Room Vent
ARVAcquisition Review Committee
ARVAirborne Relay Vehicle
ARVAtelier de Réalité Virtuelle (French: Virtual Reality Workshop)
ARVAssociation Rules Viewer (software)
ARVAtmospheric Release Valve
ARVAspect Ratio Value
ARVAir Reducing Valve
ARVAccountability Reliability Velocity (Six Sigma)
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Our objective was to attempt to answer two questions: (i) what is the progress towards universal ARV access in the FS in the first 4 years of the roll-out; and (ii) how do the challenges in the FS inform the debate on the merits of vertical versus horizontal delivery systems in achieving universal ARV access in high-burden countries?
Given the possibility of reduced effectiveness, oral contraceptives may not be the best option for women on ARV treatment who have difficulty remembering to take their pills on time," says Dr.
But there is uncertainty over whether ARV demand growth projections will come true, especially given the controversial handling of the epidemic by the Pretoria government which was reluctant for years to endorse a proper ARV programme in the public health system.
So strongly do we believe in the future of ALFs in this area that we have joined with ARV to open another ALF in New Jersey later this year.
Mylan supplies ARV drugs to more than 120 countries around the world and approximately one-third of HIV/AIDS patients receiving treatment in developing countries depend on a Mylan ARV product.
The latest evidence boosts their calls for the horizontal integration of officially accredited ARV sites into the overall primary health care system to speed up drug access for desperate people living with HIV/AIDS.
We are pleased that key officials from many of these business, government and non-governmental organizations will join us for our 'Unclogging the ARV Drug Pipeline' meeting in Amsterdam this week as we all work toward identifying possible solutions to improve access to affordable, safe and effective ARV treatment," said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
Pasquale, 44, came to ARV in June 1998 from Richfield Hospitality Services Inc.
Kaletra (lopinavir+ritonavir) is a combination of two antiretroviral protease inhibitors (ARV PIs) for the treatment of HIV infection in adults and children aged six months and over, in combination with other ARV medications.
This was an important step in ensuring that novel ARV treatments available in more fortunate countries are accessible to patients in need all over the world.