ARVASAllegheny River Valley Aquarium Society (Olean, NY)
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Besides the individuals I have mentioned, there belonged to the household three young men, dissipated, good-for-nothing, roystering blades of savages, who were either employed in prosecuting love affairs with the maidens of the tribe, or grew boozy on 'arva' and tobacco in the company of congenial spirits, the scapegraces of the valley.
Ahmet Arvas, Department of Paediatrics, Istanbul University Cerrahpasa School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
As Paula Arvas and Andrew Nestingen argue, there seems to be a natural link between the police procedural and social criticism in Scandinavia:
As Arvas [3] states, standard gravity models usually employ cross-sectional data to estimate trade patterns in a given year, or averaged data.
Arvas stated: "According to our faith, there are beings called djinn.
In Sweden, this detective type is sometimes referred to as "the gastric ulcer detective" (magsarsdetektiven), or the melancholic detective (Arvas and Nestingen 9; Karrholm "Detektivgestalten" 62-63, .65; Lundin Arhundradets svenska deckare 7-8).
[RCAXII 8807] Legi in montibus astu/ricensis circa Arvas.//Die 20 Julii anno 1838.
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