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ARVDAtherosclerotic Renovascular Disease
ARVDArrythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
ARVDAritmogene Rechter Ventrikel Dysplasie (Dutch: Aritmogene Right Ventricle Dysplasia; cardiology)
ARVDAcute Respiratory Virus Diseases
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She was referred for a CMR scan to confirm the possible diagnosis of ARVD.
athletes since 1980 showed that about 4% of the sudden cardiac deaths in athletes under 35 since 1980 have been caused by ARVD, he noted (Circulation 2009; 119:1085-92).
The causes of 13 soccer-related deaths were as follows: 4 CAD, 3 ARVD, one left ventricle hypertrophy, one dilated cardiomyopathy, one coronary anomaly, and 3 indeterminate.
Has anyone in the family been diagnosed with HCM, cardiomyopathy, Long QT, ARVD, or Marfans?
The following statements about ARVD are true, except: