ARVTAntiretroviral Therapy (HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment)
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These significant variables and the variables marital status, length of disease diagnosis and length of ARVT use were included in a Poisson regression model to estimate the independent effects (PRs) of each variable.
Characteristics such as the biological vulnerability of PLHA, risks related to sexual practices and their effect on household structure and changes in taste perception and appetite due to ARVT, among others, could be factors that would change the pattern of responses to EBIA items, thereby compromising the validity of this scale.
These results are also similar to the context of developed countries, including Canada, where 71% of a sample of 457 PLHA using ARVT were experiencing FI, regardless of the level of severity (10); India, where 50.
No information integrated with the tuberculosis strategy on coinfected patients who receive ARVT was found, since they tend to be served in different health facilities.
These barriers have also been found to have effects on indicators, such as IPT coverage in patients with HIV and high mortality in patients with coinfection, in addition to the lack of data for constructing indicators, such as ARVT coverage in patients with tuberculosis.
He continues taking his ARVT as well as using protection to avoid infecting his girlfriend.
He was also started on ARVT which he was still taking.
He made satisfactory recovery from the tuberculosis and was started on ARVT.
However, those responding to ARVT had an elevated tendency in TLR7 expression in MNC of infected patients, responders or non-responders to ARVT.
In spite of the data that suggest that ARVT can reverse increased TLR expression associated with viral replication, additional studies are needed to investigate the percentage of TLR9 expression, and other TLRs, in infected patients with and without ARVT, responders and non-responders to ARVT.
In 1996, after the Worlds AIDS conference and the recommendation of HAART, Cuba purchased ARVT drugs for all children with AIDS and their mothers, at a cost of US$ 14 000 per person per year.
Since 2001, 100% of Cuba's HIV-positive patients have had access to a relatively full cocktail of ARVT drugs, free of charge.