ARWGAcquisition Reform Working Group (Washington, DC)
ARWGArchives for Research on Women and Gender (University of Texas at San Antonio)
ARWGAmerican River Watershed Group (resource management; Placer County, CA)
ARWGAfrica Resources Working Group
ARWGArkansas Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
ARWGAnti-Racist Working Group (various locations)
ARWGAnomaly Resolution Work Group
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ARWG also seeks to limit warranties on components and to remove liability for incidental and consequential damages.
"A supplier under a $10,000 contract arguably could face $50,000,000 in retrofit costs," ARWG pointed out.
The ARWG concentrates on issues related to the federal acquisition process.
The aim of the ARWG is to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies and promote quality management as the federal government expands the use of commercial practices and reaches out more to the private sector to acquire goods and services.
However, ARWG has identified several areas in which the full potential of existing commercial practices has not been recognized and employed, either because of legislative or regulatory restrictions, or failure to use the flexibility provided.
ARWG has focused on several critical steps that should be taken to make federal purchasing more efficient.
ARWG also is actively supporting programs that encourage and assist small businesses, including small disadvantaged and women-owned businesses in obtaining a "fair share" of federal procurement opportunities.