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ARXAutomatic Retransmission Exchange
ARXAuto Route Express
ARXAutoCAD Runtime Extension
ARXAdaptive Resource Switch (Acopia)
ARXAutoregressive Exogenous
ARXArtists' Regional Exchange (collaborative international exhibition project)
ARXAdvocacy Resource Exchange (est. 2004; UK)
ARXAction Research Exchange (Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group; Simon Fraser University; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
ARXExperimental Repair Ship
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I'd shot a lot of the ARX rounds before some of the others came to market.
The ARX bullet is a non-expanding, non-lead, injection-molded polymer-copper matrix projectile whose flutes provide tremendous terminal performance.
ARX has hired a new well-qualified and experienced team of four professionals for the private credit strategy, including portfolio manager Pierre Jadoul and investor relations officer, Paulo Bokel.
"I raced in GRC back in 2012, however this will be completely different, but I'm certain ARX will produce some incredible racing.
On impact, the ARX disperses energy forward and laterally.
As shown in Figure 3, we changed [alpha] value from 1 to 2 and calculated the improvement of MSNR and the correlation coefficient in the corresponding MSNR value (MSNR = -15, -10 dB) obtained with our method, ARX and LMS-RBFNN.
The autocorrelation tests of the ARX, ARMAX, and BJ models are within the recommended yellow band, and hence, the residuals of these models are white, almost zero mean, and uncorrelated.
Overview of ARX. The ARX model is a linear difference model, which describes the response of a system as a sum of scaled previous outputs and scaled values of inputs to the system.
There was no apparent shift in the point of impact (POI), when changing between RNP to the ARX bullets, which was the intention of their design.
(1) Hierarchical identification scheme: quasi-ARX model structure can be considered as an "ARX submodel + NN" when NNs are utilized in the core-part [15, 16], and a hierarchical method has been proposed to identify the ARX submodel and the NN by a dualloop scheme, where parameters in the ARX submodel are fixed and treated as constants in one loop, with the NN trained by a back propagation (BP) algorithm (only a small number of epochs are implemented); then the resultant NN is fixed to estimate the parameters of the ARX submodel in another loop.
Parametric modeling using autoregression with exogenous inputs (ARX) is a commonly used method for extracting single-trial EPs over the conventional moving time average [4].