ARZAllgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH (Innsbruck, Austria)
ARZAmbulantes Reha-Zentrum (German: Outpatient Rehabilitation Center)
ARZAuto-Restricted Zone
ARZAdd and Reset to Zero
ARZAcadémie du Ritsu Zen (French: Academy of Ritsu Zen; martial arts school)
ARZAssociation for Revival of Zoroastrianism
ARZAquatic Ruin Zone (Sonic 2 level)
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It is mentioned that Fadak checkpoint and the two restaurants (Fadak and Arz Lebanon), west of the city of Nasiriyah, were subjected to a terrorist attack on 14 September 2018 resulted in the killing of at least 84 people and wounded 93 others.
Yayin basima girmemisse ismimin son siraya eklenmesini, eger basima girmisse bir sonraki sayida duzeltme yazisi igin gereginin yapilmasini saygilarimla arz ederim.
The strongest regime of compliance was established in the Arz al-Shouf reserve by Walid Jumblatt who created his own NGO (the Arz al-Shouf Cedar Society) of which he is the chairman to manage the reserve and refused to allow the appointment of a local government committee to oversee its activities -- a stipulation that had originally been part of the legislation as passed in 1992 (Interview with Lamia Mansour, 25 May 1999).
The LGBC has recently launched the ARZ Building Rating System, which similar to U.
While talking to newsmen, the protesting headmaster said that the influential man of the area namely Arz Mohammad Magsi has demanded to give him the SMC funds of the school and on his refusal he is issuing dire threats to him.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Integrated Circuit: Ad8597 Arz : Operational Amplifier, Integrated Circuit: Ad8599 Arz : Dual Operational Amplifier
Parliament will have to enact legislation in tune with Quran and Sunnah to stop Fasad Fil Arz.
They included Izzat Din, Majeed, Nek Muhammad, Darya Khan, Khatan, Sohrab, Syed Rafi Shah, Bicho, Dilwya, Osman, Muhammad Sharif, Piral, Khameesa Khan, Jamil Khan, and Arz Muhammad.
A special program was prepared as well as several projects for reforesting and caring for the Lebanese Cedar Friends Forest and the Arz ar-Rab cedar forest.
The Takfiri terrorists of Ahrar al-Sham, Faylaq al-Rahman and Jeish al-Islam were driven by the Syrian army from Bayadh Shaba'a, Zobdeen, Harasta al-Quntara, Bazina, Deir al-Assafir, Arz al-Nahasiya, Housh al-Homsi, al-Rakabiya, Arz al-Shartout, Arz al-Kasar, al-Azodiya, Nouleh and Bala al-Qadima.