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ARZAAssociation of Reform Zionists of America
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Los resultados manifiestan que existen otras variables ademas de la I+D que pueden influir en la propension a innovar en el proceso, resultados que se corroboran con lo planteado por Arza y Lopez (2010).
Arza asserts that "Chile adopted a reform which was at the same time path dependent and innovative.
In this regard, the analysis of the socioeconomic impact of social security systems is the focus of numerous studies published in the international literature, including Bellettini and Ceroni (1999), Guillemard (1999), Arza (2006), Lee and Chang (2006), Clement (2007) and Goudswaard and Caminada (2010).
Much of the 14,000 truckloads of earth and rock that will have been removed to make way for the tunnels will be used to fill in the nearby Arza Valley, which needs to be "raised" so that the new roadway across it will be level.
Sonucta kamu servis tesisleri icin talep ve arza ait kararlarda geleneksel tuketici grubun agirligi cok dusuktur (Dear, 1974).
Magdalena Alverez Arza on Sunday visited Keyal Khwar Hydropower Project.
2005; Cassiman & Veugelers, 2006, Balconi & Laboranti, 2006, Giuliani & Arza, 2009).
Hay abundante bibliografia que aborda el impacto de las TICs en la vida familiar (por ejemplo, Loscertales Abril, 2006; Arza Porras, 2010, etc.
Arza Khan, 33, was jailed for life at Bradford Crown Court in June 2008 after he was convicted of murdering Mian Shahid Mehmood, 29, who was gunned down by a hired contract Killer.
Arza Prasad of Kalanjali said the reality show will be an annual event, which will be shown on ETV.
Garcia and Arza [9] found that stationary magnetic fields cause an increase in water absorption in lettuce seeds.