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AS2Applicability Statement 2 (IETF)
AS2Angel Second Class (It's A Wonderful Life)
AS2Aviation Support Equipment Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
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Flexjet becomes the inaugural fleet purchaser of the AS2.
We are pleased to be the first fleet purchaser of the Aerion AS2 and to be able to offer supersonic, intercontinental flight capabilities to our Owners," said Flexjet Chairman Kenn Ricci.
Working together with this one goal during these test events, these companies also meet mutual goals of driving global interoperability with the continuous adoption of technical standards such as AS2.
With the addition of AS2 message support, customers can use this single solution for all their file transmission needs, while eliminating redundant transfer tools and saving on yearly maintenance costs.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), allows companies to break the chains of AS2 and, ideally, embrace the new "risk-based, top-down" approach ushered in with much ballyhooing by both the PCAOB and SEC.
The real question, of course, is whether the interpretive guidance and changes to AS2 will quiet business groups who have pushed for Section 404 simplification, such as the U.
Sterling's AS2 Edition solution monitors each AS2 transaction to detect possible transmission failures and then automatically resends any undelivered message via a preferred alternative route specified by each individual customer.
The plans are part of a drive by Wal-Mart to transfer all data exchange with suppliers onto the internet using the new internet protocol for document transfer called AS2 (The Grocer, July 12, p5).
Business integration solutions provider Sterling Commerce has released its Sterling Integrator AS2 Edition for transmitting business information.
In the latest round of Drummond Group's twice-a-year AS2 interoperability testing, SEEBURGER achieved certifications for:
Drummond Group's testing automation tool, InSitu, allows the tester to automate the execution and evaluation of the test cases used for interoperability testing, including the sending and receiving of AS2 messaging.
In a comment letter filed by FEI's Committee on Corporate Reporting (CCR) in September, the committee urged the SEC to "move forward with [SEC] management guidance and [PCAOB] revisions to AS2 that is more risk-focused with greater reliance on entity-level and monitoring controls, and revised materiality definitions allowing for higher thresholds.