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AS400Application System 400 (IBM)
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We welcome you to visit our AS400 skills page:http://www.
variante n 3 maintenance SLS en cas d~acquisition d~un 2me AS400 en lieu et place de l~volution de l~AS400 existant.
GW's bar-code system is integrated into the AS400 to provide real-time verification of shipments to customers.
Using Stay-Linked software Barcoding was able to interface wireless PSC mobile computers with legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software running on American Mill's IBM AS400 iSeries host-computing platform.
IdentityForge host-based agents support RACF, ACF2, Top Secret, AS400, and iSeries to provide comprehensive identity management features between these systems and IdentityBridge.
We wanted an AS400 adapter that would work with BizTalk 2004, so we selected Attunity because it also enables us to automatically capture DB2 data changes on the AS400, which helps us to pass key data to BizTalk," said Len Leach, director of Application Services, Information Technology at EMI Music North America.
Jared Rodriguez, CEO of Skyway Software, explains, "Specifically this process works by Skyway Software enabling Java application on the AS400 and gaining access to the data from those systems and bringing it into an SOA environment.
Foodservice to effectively capture all customer invoices and related data from the company's midrange-size AS400 computer systems.
Support is available for IBM OS390, AS400, WebSphere, Microsoft IIS and Apache.
Enhanced Managed Security Monitoring support for IBM AS400, AIX, and RACF devices with expanded security event coverage.
CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications builds upon the established success of Stalker Software's flagship product, CommuniGate Pro, which supports more than 30 hardware and operating system combinations including UNIX, Windows, AS400, mainframes and Mac OS X.
With this AS400 installation, TEAM-UP expands its implementations to include Windows, AS400s and mainframe platforms.