AS90Artillery System 90
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But the plan says that deployment of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has led to changed training needs and the use of Otterburn by the AS90 and rockets has been very limited.
The near miss happened as the AS90 gun and a Multiple Launch Rocket System were being transported under escort to the Army training area at Otterburn yesterday.
From the ground, it was pounded by 155mm AS90 heavy artillery from 3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery, and 105mm light field guns from 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery.
Britain's land invasion of Kosovo is expected to be spearheaded by 40 Warrior troop carriers, 28 Challenger I battle tanks(above), six AS90 artillery batteries and 100 light armoured vehicles currently in Macedonia.
A Perkin-Elmer Sciex Elan 5000 ICP-MS equipped with the Perkin-Elmer AS90 autosampler and a parallel path high solids nebulizer obtained from Technical Solutions were used.
Though supporting arms will also suffer, it will not be to the same degree; indeed the Army Air Corps looks set to benefit from Options in keeping with the increased significance given to the helicopter on the modern battlefield, while remaining artillery regiments will have their firepower enhanced by MLRS and AS90 weapon systems.
Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering Limited, a member of the United Kingdom's GEC plc group of companies, is a world leader in both marine and land systems with emphasis on the design and construction of modern highly sophisticated nuclear submarines, surface ships, and large caliber cannon artillery weapon systems including the towed 155mm FH-70, the newly fielded AS90 self-propelled 155mm howitzer and the UFH.
Projects affected included helicopters, Nimrod spy planes, Royal Navy vessels, Challenger tanks, AS90 artillery and Jaguar aircraft.
Poland started production of its Krab 155 based on the AS90 Braveheart turret armed with a 155/52-mm gun installed on a chassis that makes use of many components of the PT-91 tank.
On the gun line, as enormous AS90 guns fire 155mm shells - the biggest in the Army and capable of travelling several miles - Louise's role is to keep the troops supplied with food, water and anything else they need.
The MoD said that these were needed to accommodate training with the AS90 self propelled tracked artillery gun and the Multiple Launch Rocket System.