AS90Artillery System 90
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But the plan says that deployment of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has led to changed training needs and the use of Otterburn by the AS90 and rockets has been very limited.
She gained her nickname and pin-up status after her photograph, taken next to an AS90 heavy artillery weapon in the Iraqi desert, appeared on tabloid front pages.
Helena gained pin-up status after her photograph appeared on tabloid front pages, looking bronzed, next to an AS90 heavy artillery weapon in the Iraqi desert.
(53) One of the Polish army's primary procurements, a 155-millimeter self-propelled howitzer, will be manufactured under license in Poland but will be based on the British AS90 Braveheart's design.
On the ground, visitors got up close to some of the armed forces' most heavy-duty equipment including the world's latest battle tank, the Challenger 2, and an AS90 self-propelled 155 mm artillery gun.
These included Challenger 2 main battle tanks (Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment and Queen's Royal Lancers), Warrior fighting vehicles (1st Black Watch, 1st Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, 1st Irish Guards and 1st Light Infantry) and AS90 self-propelled guns (3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and 26th Regiment Royal Artillery).
The discovery was made by officers from the 3rd Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery, who moved their AS90 guns to the location on Friday night.
From the ground, it was pounded by 155mm AS90 heavy artillery from 3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery, and 105mm light field guns from 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery.
Britain's land invasion of Kosovo is expected to be spearheaded by 40 Warrior troop carriers, 28 Challenger I battle tanks(above), six AS90 artillery batteries and 100 light armoured vehicles currently in Macedonia.
A Perkin-Elmer Sciex Elan 5000 ICP-MS equipped with the Perkin-Elmer AS90 autosampler and a parallel path high solids nebulizer obtained from Technical Solutions were used.