ASA1Anthranilate Synthase Alpha 1
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faecium isolates from patients in 13 hospitals from nine European countries showed total absence of asa1 and gelE, lower frequency of hyl in comparison to E.
Development of a multiplex PCR for the detection of asa1, gelE, cylA, esp and hyl genes in enterococci and survey for virulence determinants among European hospital isolates of Enterococcus faecium.
2013) including the induction of anthranilate synthase a1-coding gene (ASA1) by MeJA in Arabidopsis (Sun et al.
PCR for the 6 virulence genes showed that the isolates from urine and poultry from an individual household contained identical virulence genes that varied from 1 to 5 genes, except for 1 household in which the isolate from urine (90U) did not contain the asa1 gene (Table 1).
Group SA Group GA p Age (year) 27.4 + 5.3 27.2 + 6.0 0.892 Weight (kg) 74.5 +9.2 77.3 +8.1 0.220 ITeight(cm) 163.4+4.3 163.7+4.6 0.772 Duration of surgery (mm) 30.8+ 8.3 30.9+ 6.3 0.958 ASA Grade 74% ASA1, 26% ASA2 82% ASA1, 18% ASA2
All the enrolled patients were undergoing interval tubal ligation, had no history of prior surgery, pelvic inflammatory disease or pelvic mass; all were assessed as ASA1 (American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status 1--healthy), and were medically eligible for tubal ligation.
Forty ASA1 patients aged 1-6 years undergoing elective subumbilical surgeries were enrolled for this prospective randomised double blind study.
After approval from the faculty ethical committee 100 ASA1 and 2 patients posted for laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy were included in this study.
Standard uniform conditions for endotracheal intubation were maintained in all the patients (ASA1 & 2, normal airway, experienced anesthesiologist, and 15 sec for intubation).
The present study compared the efficacy of fluid preloading with colloid "Haemaccel", crystalloid "Ringer lactate" and intravenous ephedrine in prevention of hypotension during induction of anaesthesia with propofol.This study included 120 patients of ASA1 and ASA2 ageing 20 to 50 years of both gender undergoing routine elective surgery.