ASAAPAlliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (est. 1989; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ASAAPASEAN Student Assistance Awards Program
ASAAPAustin Society of Asian-American Professionals (Texas)
ASAAPAs Soon As Absolutely Possible
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The award is instituted by ASAAP Information Global Group and is awarded based on the performance evaluation that grew top line and bottom line, stayed profitable and managed to keep financial health within defined limits.
Dashti's supervised Daily Asaap as a remarkable ground for the nourishment of young Baloch writers and columnists, and during the harshest times faced the Baloch Daily Asaap wasat the forefront of highlighting the human rights issues in Balochistan".
Oswego, IL, September 05, 2017 --( The ASA Accreditation Program (ASAAP) is a 36 month audit program based on the ASA-100 Standard.