ASABEAmerican Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
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The ASABE Foundation has worked hard over the last few years to ensure that the Foundation is in the best possible position to support ASABE activities and programs.
She is a 23-year member of ASABE and has served on Soil and Water and Education Division Committees, on the Board of Trustees, and has held various officer level positions in the Florida Section of the ASABE, including chair.
The ASABE Foundation has several established funds that recognize and support our current and future ABEs.
ASABE contestants can streamline collaboration by sharing their models with each other, faculty advisors, and suppliers using SolidWorks eDrawings(R) e-mail-enabled design communication tool.
ASABE standards are developed as voluntary consensus documents, but a number of ASABE standards have become legal requirements.
In 2009, public and legislative affairs staff from Deere & Company, CNH Industrial, 3M Company, and AEM joined together to develop and promote to Congress a bill that would establish ASABE Standard S279 as the minimum national requirement for lighting and marking of agricultural machinery when operated on public roadways in all fifty states.
3-6 Global Water Security for Agriculture and Natural Resources: An ASABE Global Initiative Conference.
In the meantime, for more information about the ASABE E-Mentoring program, login to your ASABE membership account (www.
The Foundation has launched work on (1) developing portable and electronic displays and brochures for distribution at Section meetings, sister society conferences, and industry shows; (2) creating content and design for increasing our presence on social media and on the ASABE website; and (3) delivering tailored messages to individuals and entities who demonstrate high potential for supporting the Foundation.
Students (preprofessionals in ASABE lingo) are an important community within ASABE, and I have had the pleasure of interacting with many across the Society this year.
ASABE was a sponsor of the Smithsonian Institution's Food History Gala in Washington, D.
In my new role, I will strive to advance ASABE in its mission through the integration of membership, marketing and communications, and development programs.