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However, after gathering information from ASABE headquarters staff, my fellow department heads, the ASABE technical community editors, and many of our authors, I see that there are several immediate ways in which we can strengthen our journals, and these initiatives can lead to long-term solutions to the issues that I listed above.
After considerable planning and investment, the new launched successfully in June 2018, offering tools, content, and pathways designed to enhance the user experience and providing flexibility as needs evolve.
He advised me to join ASAE (as our society was called before it ' became ASABE to acknowledge the biological h component of our profession).
After dinner, enjoy an engaging presentation by ASABE Fellow Chandra Madramootoo, who will share his deep insights on "How to feed nine billion people in a resource-constrained world" (see more information below).
As editor in chief, Fox will provide strategic guidance for the Society's journals, working with the Editorial Board to establish a vision and goals for strengthening the quality and impact of ASABE's peer-reviewed publications.
I remember attending ASABE annual meetings as a student--long van rides in the winter to Chicago.
Little did I know that, two years later, my first big moment would occur when ASABE member Willie Hart encouraged me to join the university's student branch and complete my application for student membership in the Society.
Specifically, last year brought several retirements, including ASABE Fellow Dorota Haman.
Unfortunately, ASABE has not escaped harassment and the related behavior patterns that are too common in the rest of the professional world.
As an observing member of an ASABE Standards committee, you can become part of the development process.
You are probably familiar with the quote from Peter Drucker, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." In that spirit, your Board of Trustees commissioned a survey of current, former, and never-member individuals on their perceptions of the value that ASABE provides.
To initiate a more structured representation of graduate-level education and research within ASABE, the Department of Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) at Washington State University (WSU) organized a one-day workshop in Spokane, Wash., before the 2017 ASABE Annual International Meeting, with participation from several academic departments that have large graduate programs.