ASABEAmerican Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
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She is a 23-year member of ASABE and has served on Soil and Water and Education Division Committees, on the Board of Trustees, and has held various officer level positions in the Florida Section of the ASABE, including chair.
Your ASABE Foundation continues to ensure our future and has launched the KEYS campaign for student development and humanitarian outreach.
The technical expertise of our membership is very broad, and the online offerings through the ASABE Continuing Education Center reflect this.
I would like you to consider how to engage ASABE in a variety of ways.
In addition, the global appetite for affiliation with ASABE is creating further recognition of our profession.
ASABE members can participate through webcasts and locally organized satellite events.
Serving as your president has allowed me to represent ASABE to our counterparts in Japan, Korea, China, and India.
All ASABE members will soon receive (if you haven't already) a postcard that illustrates the overall structure of the technical communities.
Retaining a greater proportion of our student members and attracting others to join us is another important challenge facing ASABE.
ASABE member and Foundation Development Committee Chair Sylvia Schonauer, P.
This is our 46th year of being part of the ASABE and sponsoring this honor awarded to deserving leaders in this critically important field of soil and water management.
ASABE publications and ASABE Standards became important resources for him--to the point where he joined the Society.