ASACSAir Surveillance and Control System (UK)
ASACSAdolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service
ASACSAbuja School of Accountancy and Computer Studies (Nigeria)
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ASACS Force Commander and Station Commander at Boulmer Group Captain Paul Atkinson said: "I am delighted to see that RAF Boulmer personnel have been recognised by the award of the Joint Commander's Commendation.
Group Captain WJ Millington, station commander at RAF Boulmer and ASACS force commander, said: "This is welcome news, not only for the personnel based here, but also for the local community who have shown us great support over the years.
It is hard to believe that with so much going on there its future had been in doubt until 2008 when the powers-that-be decided RAF Boulmer was the best option - in financial and operational terms - as the ASACS hub.
The ASACS force consists of its HQ at RAF Boulmer and a CRC at RAF Scampton providing resilience and sharing the considerable load, No 1 air control centre (at Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire), and nine remote radar heads and radio stations as far north as the Shetlands to the tip of Cornwall in the south.
The ASACS Basing Study was commissioned to identify the range of basing options for ASACS elements, currently based at Boulmer, RAF Kirtn-in-Lindsey and RAF Scampton.
The decision not to develop RAF Scampton into the communications hub means that we now need to consider the longer-term basing strategy for the ASACS units at RAF Boulmer.
million from AQP via ASACS with the balance from GB and SLVSA.