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ASADAAustralian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
ASADAAustralian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee
ASADAAutomated Smoke/Aerosol Detection Algorithm
ASADAArmy Sub-Aqua Diving Association
ASADAAtomic Space and Development Authority
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Despite the reports claiming that ASADA had tabled the offer to McLachlan, the AFL executive told ABC that he was not cognisant of such offer.
Furthermore, McLachlan added that ASADA has not tabled anything with him but he hasn't checked his emails just yet.
The report about the tabled deal came in the same week that 17 Cronulla Sharks players were offered deals by ASADA for reduced bans, which they have to accept until Friday.
In the meantime, the delay in the publication of the results as well as the minimal evidence produced by a financially challenged ASADA has only left the observing public to wonder if the blackest day may just be gray or even white all along.
ASADA is reaching out to the affected athletes and remains in contact with WADA regarding the breach.
However, it is still unclear whether Dank will receive a separate notice from ASADA.
With reputations tarnished along with the risk of losing a nation's trust, people who are associated with Essendon Football Club want nothing more than a swift resolution of the scandal brought about by the ASADA report.
Impartiality or the lack thereof is Hird's main concern as the AFL Commissioners' inclination, particularly Demetriou who has publicly declared that he does not share the same view as Hird's, may work to the prejudice of the Hird's interest because they were furnished with and were able to scrutinise the ASADA interim report.
After his one-day interview with ASADA in April, he was never summoned again and the report was forwarded to the AFL on Aug 2.
The Asadas did not report the outbreak to local poultry health authorities as required by law for fear of losing business, the court ruled.