ASAKAssalamu Alaikum (Muslim greeting: Peace be upon you)
ASAKAmerican Studies Association of Korea (South Korea; est. 1965)
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"I had left GNLA in 2013 as the leadership had threatened to execute me alleging that I was contemplating to join Asak outfit.
He joined Asak outfit under the command of commander Jack Marak, who was killed in an encounter last year.
The major honey types produced in the regions were Ziziphusspina-christi (Sidr) Acacia origena (Talah) Acacia tortilis (Sumra) and other types of honey such as Lavendula Acacia asak (Dahiana).
While at Oxford, he wrote some exciting poems still fashioned in the "new romantic" idiom, and these (such as "Az ASAK beadvanya az ENSzhez" or "Gyaszmise a Hattyu-utcai kocsmaban") remain his most popular pieces for many readers.
So, a series of moving coils did take up residence on my turntable, among them the Dynavector Ruby, an Azden, and several Linn models, including a couple of Linn Traks and a Linn Asak. None of them struck these ears as perfect, either.
Naturally, the unit least inclined to go nasty, and the best tracker, was also the most expensive, the Linn Asak. The problem here was that my wallet objected to serious money, i.e., anything more than a few hundred bucks tops, for a phono cartridge.
Mohamed Maher, Foreign Exhibitions Officer at Asak Group, said, "We are participating in the exhibition to present Mona Food Products, which produces a range of Qatari products.
Hendijan irrigation network provides its required water from Asak Dam (64 km from Heydarkarar point).
The first scenario was: how much is the minimum release amounts of Kheirabad Dam water for quality improvement of Hendijan River (in Asak Dam point)for agricultural consumptions?
2011)," "A Savage Journey into the Heart of the American Dream," in the ASAK Proceedings in Seoul, Korea, 2010.
Teferi (2006) also documented Ziziphus spina-christi, Acacia asak, Acacia lahai, Balanites aegyptiaca and Terminalia brownie as some of the most commonly utilized and distributed browses species in the Deberke district of northern Ethiopia.
Ismail Jahangir told Pajhwok Afghan News the offensive was conducted in Sarfaraz and Asak villages of Abband district.