ASALArid and Semi-Arid Land
ASALAssociazione Studi America Latina (Italian: Latin America Studies Association)
ASALA Shot At Love (TV show)
ASALArgininosuccinic Acid Lyase Deficiency
ASALAmEx Saudi Arabia Limited
ASALAskeralma Daire Baskanligi (Turkey, army registration unit head)
ASALAssociation Sénégalaise d'Assistance aux Lépreux (French)
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To achieve this goal, the sector has indentified priority objectives namely; development of ASALs for both crop and livestock; and market access through value addition among others.
Fortunately, the ASAL region provides home for the country's tourism sector which is an important sources revenue.
All the districts captured in the data are in the ASAL region.
The Government's key document on climate risk (1) prioritizes the need for appropriate agricultural and livestock policies and action programs that will reduce vulnerability in the ASALs, specifically laying out adaptation options in agriculture, water and rangeland management towards mitigating the potential adverse impacts of climate change.
The Government acknowledges in its Economic Recovery Plan the special attention the ASALs areas need in order to achieve poverty reduction noting that in relation to the smallholder livestock sector there was a need to address problems of insecurity, degradation of rangelands and poor access to water.
Introduction to the assignment The ASAL Resilience Programme, for which this consultancy is being sought, is an integrated Sustainable Livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change and Humanitarian programme working in Kenya s arid and semi-arid areas namely: Kitui County, Meru County.
The objective of the ASAL Resilience Programme is to contribute to resilience and emergency preparedness strategies among the communities we work with through facilitating partner staff to understand the philosophy, concepts and principles of community managed disaster risk reduction.
2 (Livestock Value - Chain Support and Improving Livestock Mobility and Trade), the RPLRP will seek to improve trade regulation systems affecting livestock trade from the Ethiopian ASALs, strengthen selected liv estock - related cross - border value chains related to the Ethiopian ASALs, and introduce two additional pilots in livestock identification and traceability
Advice on the appropriate language(s), and hardware equipment required to deliver the digital training content to the end users in the ASALs and informal urban settlements
In the ASALs, about 2 million people are permanently on famine relief, with the number rising up to 5 million during severe droughts.
Project Description : The overall goal of the Sustainable Land Management project is to provide the basis for economic development, food security and sustainable livelihoods while restoring the ecological integrity of the ASALs.
The long term goal of the project is to promote economic development, food security and sustainable land use practices while restoring the ecological integrity of the ASALs.