ASALArid and Semi-Arid Land
ASALAssociazione Studi America Latina (Italian: Latin America Studies Association)
ASALA Shot At Love (TV show)
ASALArgininosuccinic Acid Lyase Deficiency
ASALAmEx Saudi Arabia Limited
ASALAskeralma Daire Baskanligi (Turkey, army registration unit head)
ASALAssociation Sénégalaise d'Assistance aux Lépreux (French)
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He said the ministry has categorised the ASAL counties according to the severeness of the drought.
Swedish ambassador to Kenya Anna Jard felt said development partners were keen to see what was happening in ASAL counties to enable them facilitate specific endeavours that would solve health challenges including maternal health woes associated with female genital mutilation.
Firewood, the main source of fuel, is becoming increasingly scarce and hence expensive in ASAL regions [8].
Fortunately, the ASAL region provides home for the country's tourism sector which is an important sources revenue.
ASAL has grown to a stage where it can offer a wide range of products and services to meet the evolving demand from the Indian automobile industry.
The Government's key document on climate risk (1) prioritizes the need for appropriate agricultural and livestock policies and action programs that will reduce vulnerability in the ASALs, specifically laying out adaptation options in agriculture, water and rangeland management towards mitigating the potential adverse impacts of climate change.
The Kenya government should emulate this, and county governments from ASAL areas should embrace this medical technology.
The current system ASAL for disbursement of ALV services has to be replaced, as extensions are only possible with restrictions, many unconverted requirements exist, and the objectives of the ALV with the current solution can no longer be achieved.
ASAL is providing the launch, and operations will be undertaken by Algerian operators trained in Surrey.
This will be within the operationalization of the newly inaugurated ASAL policy and Agriculture laws.
Davuu added : "We are particular on cassava, millet, sorghum, honey and livestock production that do well in the county especially ASAL areas where hunger occasioned by prolonged draughts is reported every season.
Identify the impact of unplanned settlement as a result to changes taking place in the ASAL s (i.