ASAPAArizona State Association of Physician Assistants (Phoenix, AZ)
ASAPAAssociation of South Asian Political Activists
ASAPAAssociation Sud-Ardennaise pour La Protection des Animaux (French)
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Legenda: FR = Fala com Ruido; FF = Fala Filtrada; DNV = Dicotico Nao-verbal; DCV = Dicotico Consoante-vogal; DD-Dicotico de Digitos, SSW = Staggered Spondaic Word Test; TPF ou PPS = Teste Padrao de Frequencia; TPD = Teste Padrao de Duracao; RGDT = Random Gap Detection Test; ASAPA = Avaliacao Simplificada do Processamento Auditivo e GIN = Gaps in Noise.
But the Aquino administration has to get the ball rolling asapas in yesterday.