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ASARAAmerican Samoa Amateur Radio Association
ASARAAlaska Search and Rescue Association (est. 1993)
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Asara, who proudly declared that she intended using the title to work for the betterment of autistic children in Oman and the region, instantly won hearts at the finals by sharing her innermost desire to dedicate efforts toward this charitable cause.
The army forces captured the villages of Asara and Ma'ariyah West of the town of Abedeen at borders with occupied Golan, imposing full control over the border line with the occupied Golan from borders with Lebanon to Sha'ab region and Ma'ariyah villages in a triangular area among Syria, Jordan and occupied Golan.
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Indeed, I would go so far as to encourage us all to keep in mind the twin concept, if you will, of the "ASARA Principle--" the idea that we should strive to keep intravenous contrast media dosages As Safe As Reasonably Achievable, wherever and whenever we can, for the safety of our patients.
Asara recalled $1,000-a-hand poker games at late mob boss John Gotti's social club, and his respect for Jimmy Burke.
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[9] concluded that there is no theoretical reason to believe that any delay is safe and the best course would be to adopt an ASARA principle, i.e.
Ranchers of Asara district in Alborz province of Iran also have managed a conventional animal husbandry for a long time and used their own methods to treat animals which has led to the creation of sustainable livelihoods in this area, but so far there was not any attempts to collect and evaluate this rich methods.