ASARDAlaska Search and Rescue Dogs (Anchorage, AK; est. 1987)
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Asard had with him two suits of body armour - one of which was bullet proof - Newcastle Crown Court heard.
Rafie, 29, Daie, 30 and Asard, 35, all of no fixed address, but from Sweden, admitted possessing articles for use in connection with fraud.
Asard was ordered to pay costs of pounds 1,300, Daie, pounds 450 and Rafie pounds 150.
Gold's Gym's captain Asard and the biggest winners, Mohannad Al-Jeddawi, will be announcing the games, and Mahmood Protchio and his team of scorekeepers and referees officiating the game.
Asard and Bennet suggest a new interpretation of these facts by building an intuitive model that combines political communication concepts with neoinstitutional notions.
Although there is a plethora of descriptive articles about the idea of wage-earner funds and the politics surrounding the 1983 legislation (for example, Martin 1984; Asard 1985; Heclo and Madsen 1987), there exists, to our knowledge, no scholarly attempt (in English or Swedish) to analyze the activities and significance of the wage-warner funds created in 1983.
The Swedish view identifies industrial democracy with the micro level and economic democracy with the macro level, and holds that progress toward economic democracy should be achieved via legislation that enhances employee influence at various levels within and outside the firm (Asard 1980).