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ASARS-2Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System-2 (U-2 aircraft)
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Thus, while big SARs like the MP-RTIP system will continue to garner hundreds of millions of dollars a year, the heyday of small SARs on manned aircraft; like the U-2's ASARS-2, is over.
Delivery of two production sets of the improved ASARS-2 for integration into U-2s is scheduled for the spring of 2000, and those aircraft should be flying operational missions by the fall of that year.
The ASARS-2, with its supporting ground station, has been in service since the early 1980s.
Based on the ASARS-2 radar, which is operational currently aboard U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the US Air Force, RES characterises the ASTOR iteration of the design as a considerably modified variant that incorporates recent major upgrades in processing capability, exciter and receiver technology, and a new phased-array antenna.