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ASASAll Source Analysis System
ASASAustralian Special Air Service
ASASAmerican Society of Animal Science
ASASAmerican Society of Animal Science (Savoy, IL)
ASASAll Sources Analysis System
ASASAirborne Separation Assurance System
ASASAll Sky Automated Survey (Polish astronomy project)
ASASAnderson Symptom Assessment System (health evaluation)
ASASAll Saints Anglican School (Gold Coast, Australia)
ASASAdvanced Solid Axial Stage
ASASAdvanced Solid-state Array Spectrometer
ASASActor/Scriptor Animation System
ASASAmerican Society of Abdominal Surgeons
ASASAnother Side, Another Story (video game Kingdom Hearts)
ASASAlberta Secure Access Service (Canada)
ASASAcademic Standards and Assessment System
ASASAerodynamic Stability Augmentation System
ASASAddiction & Substance Abuse Specialists
ASASAirborne Student Accountability System
ASASAssociation of Southeast Asian Students
ASASArgininosuccinic Acid Synthase Deficiency
ASASAviation Safety Analysis Subsystem
ASASAssociation of Southern Aquarists Societies (UK)
ASASAutomated Single Audio System (SA-2112/USQ)
ASASApsra School of Ancient Science (India)
ASASAtkins Stress Analysis System
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Several factors affect the opacity of ASA polymers: refractive indices of the formulation components, particle sizes of the pigments and rubber particles, and processing conditions during compounding.
This is the revision of the bilateral ASA at the request of Bhutan, as its first private airline Tashi Air plans to connect Nepal too.
Measuring the level of ASAs before varicelectomy and approximately 3 and 6 months thereafter showed that surgical treatment does not affect the outcome (6).
"ASAS has made its first investment in a fully operational grade-A office building with high-quality multinational tenants," said Faisal Khan, Principal, Abraaj Capital.
Approximately 70% of patients with ASA also have a PFO, while PFO is present in only 22% of patients without ASA.
After ASA offered the TimeSlider extension for ArcGIS 9.1 in July 2007, positive response and overwhelming demand ensured that ASA would develop and offer the tool for ArcGIS 9.2 as freeware as soon as possible.
"Authenex's ASAS technology, coupled with ISA Server, provides a set of solutions that make it easy for organizations to use and to secure access to corporate networks."
This can be posted to the ASAS Web and simultaneously to the Unit Web or alternate web site with one click.
In sectors where there are large supply-demand gaps, ASAS targets high quality real estate assets in the office and retail sectors.
It is no coincidence that ASAS, to date, has focused a great deal of effort on having a system capable of evaluating the threat.
* Conduct the ASAS Master Analyst Course (AMAC) and ASAS Instructor Certification Course (AICC).
The ASAS at each echelon, whether it be an ASAS-Light (ASASL), ASAS-Remote Work Station (RWS), or ASAS-AII Source (AS), maintains the current enemy situation for the commander at each respective echelon.