ASASIAustralian Society of Air Safety Investigators
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'The quota issue should not arise because all intake and ecosystems support the matriculation programme, Form Six and even Asasi are inclusive, with quality and involve all races of students and academics.
In present study an overall 6 % mortality was observed following experimental infection that corroborates with the findings of Nili and Asasi (2002) who detected 5 % mortality in broilers after infecting them with H9N2 AIV.
The first: citizens would be free to ignore such attempts at regulation under Article 48 of the Nizam Asasi, upon direction from their religious leaders.
(8.) Specifically, the preliminary studies on various aspects of Malay-Islamic ethnomathematics based on the textual evidence by scholars and mathematicians associated with Akademi Sains Islam Malaysia (ASASI = The Islamic Science Academy of Malaysia).
Kuala Lumpur: Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia/Human Rights Commission of Malaysia [SUHAKAM].
(19) 1 Haziran'da gorulen davaya Seyh Nazim elinde asasi, uzerinde hirkasi ve muritleriyle birlikte gelirken, dava salonu da meraklilar tarafindan doldurulur.
(55) Eka Darmaputera, 'Aspek-aspek etis teologis hubungan gereja-negara', in Hubungan gereja dan negara dan hak asasi manusia, ed.
Such tendencies, and the risk of wider protests, prompted King Fahd in 1992 to introduce three statutes: Al Nidham Al Asasi (the Basic Law of Government), Nidham Majlis Al Shura (the Law of the Consultative Council), and Nidham Al Manatiq (the Law of the Provinces).
(6.) `Tindakan Penyelidikan Pelang-garan Hak Asasi Manusia di Papua/Irian Jaya', 11 Apr 2001.
"Hukum, Hak Asasi, dan Keadilan" (laws, rights and justice) foundation, known by its initials HAK, has issued a statement saying that violent actions such as "abduction, torture, killing, looting and torching of people's houses in many parts of East Timor" are daily incidents.
259-71) processed 3,965 words from Badawi's Al-Kitab al- Asasi (Tunis), vol.